Elisa and Lorenzo

Wedding among the vineyards


So much joy

A smile allows the soul to breathe.

Elisa and Lorenzo are truly an extraordinary couple. From the very first meeting, there is an immediate connection! Their harmony always keeps them in sync, and the wedding planning begins smoothly and naturally. Their first request is: COLOR! Everything must convey joy, cheerfulness, and happiness. Every stylistic choice is made based on this rule. The chosen venue is a wonderful place surrounded by vineyards, and the food is fabulous – it’s no coincidence that we’re talking about a Michelin-starred restaurant. Everything unfolds in the greatest serenity: during the ceremony, violins play sweet melodies, and the couple vows eternal love. Upon arrival at the venue, the couple is welcomed with a colorful game, and the cocktail hour is filled with laughter, laughter, laughter. The same goes for the lunch and the rest of the celebration, all the way to the pivotal dances. A live band plays continuously until the end. Now, looking back at the photos, I realize that the bride never stopped laughing, and her smile will accompany me forever, because I know that it’s also partly thanks to me…