I’m Silvia



Lots of experience and a Dream come true

After my language studies (I’m fluent in French and English), I began my professional journey in the world of advertising communication in the early ’90s.
I started at a prominent American advertising agency and spent the following years working diligently and learning extensively. I observed the world around me, absorbing all the information that could be useful in the future. That’s how I built my expertise: through experience.
Later, I worked at a promotional advertising agency, managing clients and organizing various events for them.
I then ventured into what I call “my artistic phase” by entering into the world of theater and film, specifically in dubbing, where I enjoyed some success as a dialogue adapter.
After this wonderful experience, I initially worked in marketing and communication for a large American technology company and later for a studio of Piedmontese designers.
After 25 years of dedication and achievement, I decided that the time had come for me to realize my biggest dream: becoming a freelance event organizer.
Today, I live this dream with gratitude and passion, never ceasing to learn and improve. I hold one primary objective in my heart: to provide clients with impeccable and perfect service. After all, we are talking about a significant event in the lives of two people, and there is no room for mistakes. Ever.

“My Why: Exploring the Principles That Guide Me”

My philosophy is rooted in four fundamental principles that define who I am and how I relate to others in my personal and professional life.

Integrity and honesty:

I strongly believe in what I do because respect and consistency are the foundational values that lead to trust and provide the assurance of a perfect result.

Professionalism and Experience

I have dedicated my life to building the expertise that makes me the perfect interlocutor in event organization.

Attention and Care for Detail

I believe that the secret of perfection lies in the details, creating the right harmony to leave an indelible memory.


I am convinced that passion is the energy that makes dreams soar high, transforming them into moments of pure joy to share.

" The world is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and the daring to live their dreams.i"

Paulo Coelho


I’m an incurable romantic with a bit of a rock soul. I love cycling and taking long walks. I enjoy the mountains in both winter and summer. I have a passionate love for the sea.
I’m a motor enthusiast and a speed aficionado, especially when it comes to Formula 1 (which I follow comfortably from the couch).
I like to read novels, especially in the science fiction and thriller genres, and I also enjoy writing (I attended a Creative Writing course).
I love to travel and immerse myself in different customs and cultures.
I adore music and am an avid fan of DEPECHE MODE.
I’m very interested in Interior Design, general decor, as well as art and architecture.
I’m a photography enthusiast (I attended a Composition Photography course) and a cinema lover.

My favorite flower? Daisies, because they convey joy and positive energy.
I volunteer for the Red Cross.
I love cooking and hosting dinners with friends.

“I have a deep appreciation for beauty, art in all its forms, and I’m moved by sunsets with a thousand colors”



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