Dream Event Creator

Dream Event Creator


After 25 years spent in the world of marketing, advertising communication, and corporate event organization, during which I built my professionalism and experience, I decided that the time had come to fulfill one of the dreams I had since I was a child: becoming a wedding planner. Happy to have built something beautiful in my life, I live every day as a gift and a challenge. My work is my personal dream come true.
Now I am here to help you make yours come true.


I’m an incurable romantic with a bit of a rock soul. I approach life with optimism and enthusiasm. I’ve walked a lot and experienced many things that have shaped me into the person I am today. I’m a free spirit with a great thirst for knowledge. Would you like to discover what we have in common?


I design and bring to life weddings with you, the bride and groom, at the center of my attention. I will accompany you on this wonderful journey that begins with an idea and transforms into something tangible and beautiful. A journey filled with experiences, smiles, joy, and a complete absence of stress.
The first step will involve listening to your desires, stimulating and interpreting your ideas, and capturing their essence to create a unique style together with you. This style will manifest in every aspect of the event: colors, scents, flavors, rhythms, and settings.
We will then share every important moment, facing decisions together. I will protect your resources through the budget optimization process, ensuring that you receive the right service at the right price. Every phase of the project will be carefully and prudently studied and planned. I will be by your side always, taking care of you and your wedding, protecting your dreams and interests as if they were my own.
This is because the purpose of my work is to ensure you arrive at your destination in total serenity; so you can enjoy every moment of your special day without worrying about every detail, even the smallest ones. I‘ve got that covered.
I put all the passion, experience, and commitment with which I’ve approached everything in my life into this. I do it with competence and integrity, adding a touch of humor and a smile, as well as elegance and sophistication, always seeking the right solution in every aspect of the organizational process. I also never lack precision, thoroughness, and accuracy, qualities necessary to make your day truly special and unique. Because every moment is unique and unforgettable.




From an idea to the big day, here are the phases of creating a dream event.






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Professionalism, availability, and kindness are just three of the qualities we found in Silvia. We decided to get married during a special time, and Silvia was with us excellently throughout. The wedding organization was fantastic! Thanks to Silvia, we were able to focus on the beautiful moments without having to worry or stress about the preparations. The motto for the months and days leading up to the event was, “Ask Silvia!” Always there but discreetly so. The staff at the wedding was also wonderful, all super helpful, kind, and never intrusive. If I could go back, I would choose Silvia a thousand times over, and I recommend her to everyone!

Alice and Luca

Silvia, what can I say from the first meeting? There was an immediate connection on everything, and I’m not saying this just because she was our wedding planner, but because Silvia is Silvia. Every request was met, everything was in place, and it was even more beautiful than we had imagined. She adhered to the initial budget, respected the timelines and expectations, and throughout the entire period, she was like that ever-available aunt, always by our side.
During the event, she seemed like a conductor coordinating the entire staff flawlessly. What can I say? Thank you, Silvia…

Eleonora and Stefano

There are not enough words to express the immense gratitude we feel for Silvia and Marta, who accompanied us in what, thanks to them as well, was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful journeys of our lives, from the very early stages of event planning to the day of our wonderful wedding. Two wonderful individuals, both personally and professionally, and we will never be able to thank them enough for the excellent visible work and even more so for what was “invisible” to us, allowing us to arrive at our big day serene and confident that we were in excellent hands.

Noemi and Luca

I couldn’t find a more fitting nickname. For us, Silvia was like the character from Pulp Fiction: Wolf. Right from the start, the connection was intense, and as the months passed, her professionalism and love for her work won us over. She simplified our lives excellently by always being available and punctual in her responses. She allowed us to experience something magical until the very end. We recommend her to anyone who wants to get married without having to “marry” all the burdens of wedding planning!

Elena and Enrico

Why Silvia and Marta? Essentially because they reflect love in every way.
Silvia and Marta are love for their work, love for the affection they manage to give us during the wedding planning, love for their friendship, love for their families, and perhaps it is thanks to this that there is always success in what they do.
Dearest, we love you, and we are proud and grateful to have entrusted our day to two equally special girls.

Ylenia and Alessandro

It’s indeed true that it can be challenging to fully grasp the importance of one’s wedding day until you experience it. That is until you live it. Silvia and Marta were the discreet yet crucial directors for us to be able to experience this day with complete serenity, lightness, and enjoying every emotion! Everything, from the smallest detail to the most cathartic moment, exceeded our expectations. They were able to combine great professionalism with emotion… not everyone can do that… and for this, we thank them from the bottom of our hearts and are so happy that they were with us! We love you.

Floriana and Jacopo

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