Retirement party


The beginning of a new life

After a life spent in the hospital and after well over a thousand nights on duty, the time has come for Anna to retire! For her, it’s a significant milestone that doesn’t mark the end of anything but, on the contrary, sets a new direction for her life. For this reason, she decides she wants a fabulous celebration! For her, I plan an event that tells the story of her life, emphasizes the important moments, the milestones of her career; Anna’s desire is for a party full of friends, excellent food, and lots and lots of music. And what better choice than a band? The venue is perfect: a spacious area to set up the buffet, dinner, and dance floor. Anna loves colors, so everything is aligned with her tastes: the flowers, the tablecloths, the graphic design, the paintings, the photos. The party is a great success: the guests are truly numerous, and a joyful and festive atmosphere is immediately created. After dinner, there are lively dances, many smiles, a few tears of emotion, but for such an important celebration, they couldn’t be missing!

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