First Communion

First Communion


Love before everything

Lorenzo is an extraordinary young man. His mom decides to rely on an event planner for her son’s party, and when I meet him, he has clear ideas about what he doesn’t want but less precise ones about what he wants! He definitely wants white and blue flowers and perhaps airplanes… After identifying the suitable location, beautiful and very suggestive (it’s indeed a medieval castle) but with a large outdoor space suitable for the kids to play, I designed a party in the theme of white, blue, and airplanes! In the aperitif area and for the dessert buffet, many paper and sugar airplanes were flying cheerfully, and the banquet hall was dressed up thanks to the presence of white and blue hydrangeas. The favor corner, along with a very special Guest Book, was a great success: while the kids had fun with the entertainment girls in a treasure hunt themed “Ghosts,” the adults spent joyful time writing affectionate messages and hanging them on Lorenzo’s tree.

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