Chiara e Daniele

Summer wedding


Password: color!

Love colors life without considering margins

At the first encounter, Chiara and Daniele give the impression of a wonderful but very, let’s say, “normal” couple. I expect from them classic requests like a “romantic wedding,” “something simple,” and instead they surprise me right away: they want lots of color! Enthralled by this request, Marta and I dive into designing something unexpected that surprises everyone, both the bride and groom and the guests. The result is a setup made of lots of color and a special use of unconventional materials. The outcome? Something truly unexpected! And so, on a very hot day in July, Chiara and Daniele promise eternal love in a dream location and immersed in a sea of color. The string quartet plays for their ceremony but shines during the cocktail hour, leaving all the guests asking for more. Dinner takes place in a room where the color pink is everywhere, from the ceiling to the walls to the table. The day ends with wild dances, exquisite cocktails, and a dip in the pool to find some refreshment!