Elena and Enrico

A Story as Long as a Lifetime


And an Unexpected Arrival

Elena and Enrico were the first to experience the ordeal of having to postpone their wedding due to what happened a couple of years ago. But as life went on with the delays, they continued to move forward, bolstered by their love and the history that brought them back together and in love after so many years. In the meantime, the most beautiful surprise of all arrived: the birth of little Elio! The couple and I spent a lot of time together, sharing priceless moments, and that’s how a beautiful friendship was born. On the wedding day, we looked into each other’s eyes full of joy and said, “Finally!!!” Everything was carefully planned: the colors, the music, the food. Strong colors for the couple: the color palette included all shades of pink, from the softest to the brightest. The symbolic ceremony took place inside the venue (it was quite chilly that day…) and was full of emotions and joy. The aperitivo, the lunch in the barn, the cake cutting in the woods, and the final dances marked a great success!

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Servizio fotografico: Dino Jasarevic

Location: La Castella

Allestimento Floreale: Luca Montaldo by Perardi Fioristi

Catering: Marco Valente

Arredi: White Eventi

Intrattenimento musicale: Gli Emiglio’s

Stationnery: Pluma Creativa

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